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10-24 2022

openharmony adapted to ls2k1000la, loongarch obtains openharmony certification

recently, loongson technology and swanlink, a business division of isoftstone, jointly enabled the compatibility between the openharmony operating system and the ls2k1000la processor. in addition, the "windrider 1000" development board (equipped with a 2k1000la processor) was awarded the openharmony ecosystem product compatibility certificate. hence, the openharmony ecosystem that connects everything comes with a china-made chip once again. the proprietary loongarch has an increasingly wider range of applications and enjoys a bright future.

to build a new development pattern in the information industry, it is necessary to free ourselves from the shackles of existing instruction sets by establishing an independent information foundation. only through independent innovation can we develop robust chips and achieve self-reliance in high-level science and technology, said ming xu, deputy general manager of the embedded business unit of loongson technology.

now, loongson technology and its ecosystem partners are striving to create an independent ecosystem based on loongarch for the internet of things. 2k1000la is the second processor of loongson that supports openharmony and passes its compatibility assessment, following ls2k0500. this indicates that loongarch enjoys wide application in various products and fields, and that the prototype of an iot ecosystem based on loongarch has emerged. thanks to the result of this compatibility practice, an industrial internet distribution version of openharmony based on ls2k1000la will be launched soon. in the near future, loongson and swanlink will focus on the implementation of self-developed full-stack solutions covering operating systems, chips, databases, application software, and more.


in may 2022, loongson technology released ls2k1000la. this processor features new la264 cores (based on loongarch) while maintaining compatibility with the pins and interfaces of the original version, 2k1000, marking a comprehensive shift of loongson's industrial control business to loongarch. this chip is developed for industrial control, terminal applications, and more. it can be widely used in industries such as power, rail transit, oil and petrochemicals, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet, and industrial network security. additionally, this general-purpose processor features sufficient interfaces and low power consumption.