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12-30 2022

loongson completes tape-out of its 1c102 and 1c103 processors

loongson technology has recently completed the tape-out of its master control chips for iot, ls1c102 and ls1c103. both of them have passed the test and met the design expectations, with all features working normally. 


for smart home appliances and other iot devices

the ls1c102 is an la132-core processor for embedded applications. the chip integrates functional modules such as flash, spi, uart, i2c, rtc, tsensor, vpwn, adc, etc., significantly reducing board-level costs while meeting the requirements for low power consumption. it features high stability, high security, and low cost, and can be widely applied in smart devices and iot-related products.

main applications

smart locks, electric mopeds, treadmills, etc.


for motor-driven iot products

the ls1c103 is a microcontroller chip designed for motor-driven applications, which uses an la132 core. this chip integrates on-chip flash, atim, gtim, adc, spi, i2c, uart, rtc, and other functional modules, and is capable of outputting complementary pwm signals with dead zones. it possesses native support for driving servos, brushed motors, and brushless motors, as well as common communication modules.

the ls1c103, measuring 4.0×4.0mm, is packaged in a qfn32 socket, with its main frequency exceeding 32mhz. the small size of the chip allows for the repurposing of pins as needed, flexible application scenarios, and meets the requirements of common high cost-performance motor applications.

main applications

fascia guns, pruning machines, electric saws, electric wrenches, jump rope machines, fans, automotive electronics, etc.