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isa: loongarch
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06-07 2022

industrial control operating system rt-thread studio pro fully supports loongarch

with the joint efforts of loongson technology and rt-thread, the rt-thread studio pro has recently achieved comprehensive support for both loongarch32 and loongarch64. as a highly secure real-time operating system (rtos) introduced by rt-thread for critical information infrastructure, rt-thread studio pro has now supported the entire series of loongson 1/2/3 processors.

main features of rt-thread studio pro based on loongarch

the main features are as follows: 1. releasing independently developed trustboot, replacing pmon, and rapidly booting within one second; 2. optimizing the system scheduling algorithm according to the characteristics of loongarch and achieving real-time response within microseconds; 3. supporting common peripherals such as uart, i2c, usb, spi, sdio, usb, can, pcie, sata, lcd, and ethernet; 4. scalable architecture with a minimum system memory footprint of less than 500k allows the system to run on on-chip sram; 5. supporting symmetric multi-processor (smp) platforms and switching and binding between task cores; 6. supporting security mechanisms such as network security, redundant communication with two lan ports, and storage security; 7. supporting trusted computing schemes, including trusted boot, secure updating, and multi-redundancy secure boot; 8. the kernel achieves 100% autonomy and boasts fully independent and controllable techniques, meeting the requirements for domestically made products.

rt-thread studio pro

adding loongarch toolchain

rt-thread studio pro, a one-stop development and debugging environment tailored for rt-thread, also comes with support for the loongarch toolchain. it enables instruction-level one-stop development, compilation, and debugging, accelerates the research and development of software, and shortens the development cycle for products.

loongson technology, with 20 years of experience in cpu development and ecosystem construction, introduced its proprietary instruction set architecture (isa), loongarch, in 2020. the isa boasts three distinguishing features: completely independent development, modern techniques, and cross-isa compatibility.

at present, loongson technology has fully transitioned its operations to loongarch, with 2k0500, 2k1000la, and 3a5000 serving as the low-, mid-, and high-end processors for industrial control. these processors can be widely used in industries such as electric power, rail transit, petrochemicals, new energy, water conservancy, intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet, and industrial safety.