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04-03 2023

open-source community fpc officially supports loongarch64

recently, the free pascal compiler (fpc) community has released an official version that supports loongarch. subsequent releases of operating systems based on loongarch will be able to be built directly upon the upstream community versions. this is another native support from a foundational open-source community for loongarch.

introduction to fpc

fpc is a mature, versatile, and open-source pascal compiler. its community has remained active for more than 20 years since its first release in 1998. so far, fpc has supported a variety of processor architectures, including loongarch, and multiple operating system platforms. it is compatible with turbo pascal and delphi syntax and is widely used in application ecosystems.

fpc support for loongarch

currently, the loongarch code has been merged into the main branch of the fpc upstream community, with a total of 13 commits and over 20,000 lines of code submitted. support of the compiler and rtl sections contributes to the completion of the loongarch compiler ecosystem. at the same time, application ecosystems based on the fpc can also gain foundational support from loongarch. this is another solid step forward in the construction of an open-source loongarch ecosystem.

ongoing support of fpc

loongson's team will continue to maintain the loongarch version of fpc, contribute to the community-supported ide (lazarus), and optimize the fpc backend to provide developers with a better product experience and enable smoother operation of users' programs.

in the future, loongson's team will work closely with the fpc community as well as professional developers and open-source enthusiasts from home and abroad to boost the development of the fpc ecosystem.